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Propane Parts

This page contains hoses, valves, tee checks and more.

Remote Start Kit - High Pressure

Used for:
Remote Starting
Automatic Starting
One Button Easy Starting
Click here for more information RSK-HP

Portable Accessorypgk.JPG (21228 bytes) for Propane Cylinders

FOR USE WITH TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 KITS ONLY . Everything needed to tie your engine into a propane cylinder.
Due to the hose length the PGK-6 can be used for up to the 30# size cylinder.
The PGK-12 can be used with the any cylinder or most any bulk tank.


Includes: Left handed POL cylinder fitting, safety high pressure regulator, pre-assembled rubber hose with 3/8" flair swivel ends & brass fitting. (Rubber hose can be used for final hook up on high pressure stationary system.)

PGK-6 Portable Kit with 6' Hose      $34.00

PGK-12 Portable Kit with 12' Hose      $39.00

Quick Disconnect Coupler-High Pressure Propane Use Only

Plug and Socket used to quickly attach to your gas system or gas cylinder. Very similar to the pull apart air hose type connector but specially approved for propane use. One QDC-HP required for each outlet. Click here for even more info QDC-HP

Includes Plug, Socket, Close Nipple, and 3/8" Flair Fitting

QDC-HP    $28.00


FOR USE WITH TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 KITS ONLY. High pressure UL listed rubber hose with pre-assembled 3/8" swivel ends. Same as the hose included in the PGK accessory kits. Can be used alone or with the QDC-HP for final hook-up.

HOSE 6 LONG     $24.00

HOSE 12' LONG     $29.00



For use with 12V electric start engines that utilize a push button switch or remote start circuitry. For more information visit the Remote Start page for a more complete description.

Remote Start Kit for Type 1 and 2 kits

RSK-HP     $58.00

Propane High Pressure Shutoff Valve

1/4" Male x Female NPT Brass Body

Rated for gas pressure up to 250 psi

12V Low 8 Watt Power Consumption

UL Listed Fuel Valve

Normally Closed (requires 12V to open)

High Pressure Valve

Forged Brass Body * Full Port

Rated for gas pressure up to 250 psi

Blowout Proof Stem Fitted From the Inside

Swiss Design, Italian Manufactured

Low Pressure Valve

Forged Brass Body * Larger Port Diameter * Teflon Seat

Chrome Plated Brass ball Certified 5 psi

Blowout Proof Stem Fitted From the Inside

Swiss Design, Italian Manufactured

Tee Check and Pig Tails

Brass Body Tee Check with 1/4" MNPT threads allows use of two cylinders at once. As pressure drops in one cylinder the check will shift so that the higher pressure cylinder will take over and both cylinders will draw down together.

Reduces pressure drop problems on one small cylinder.

Can double gas storage capacity.

Eliminates expensive change-over regulators.

Pig Tails have standard POL ends for all Cylinders and tanks.

Can be used with our PGK accessory.

Price includes Tee Check and 2 Pig Tails (regulator not included).

Regulator High Pressure

12 PSI Outlet Pressure

1/4" Female Inlet and Outlet

500,000 BTU Capacity (50 Horsepower)

Regulator High Pressure Adjustable

0-10 PSI Outlet Pressure

1/4" Female Outlet

1,000,000 BTU Capacity (150 Horsepower)

POL preinstalled

POL Fitting

Brass Construction

1/4" Male NPT Inlet

Works in new or old style cylinder valves


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