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Some Kit Order Links on individual pages are no longer functioning.  We apologize for the inconvenience during this website update.  If the ones on your page are not functioning, please verify what kit is available for your unit and then click this link KIT LIST PAGE FOR ALL GENERATORS AND ENGINES to go to this temporary kit listing page.

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OUR CURRENT STATUS: We realize that many of our customers are having problems getting through for help with placing an order or with technical support. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We were "FLOODED" with calls, emails and orders to unprecedented degree. Our staff was overwhelmed to say the least. Can you imagine "suddenly" receiving 1300 emails in one night? Our voice mailbox stayed in a constant state of FULL. We recently brought on more staff to assist but being a technical company it takes time to get them up to speed so that they can assist customers. Please be assured, we are VERY MUCH IN BUSINESS and are doing our best to get back with each customer in a timely manner. A couple things may help expedite your order. First, and the main question we are asked, do we have a kit for your generator? YES. You can order a Type A or C Kit from the shopping cart and there will be boxes to fill in that will ask for your generator information. If the Kit Center requires any additional information, one of our CSR's will contact you for the needed information. If you absolutely need to speak with a CSR, feel free to call but please understand that the phone lines are usually all in use. Using the LIVE CHAT chat when available is best but if they are off line please use the Send a Message button and you will receive a replay as soon as humanly possible. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult period for us all and for being our customer.

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