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High Quality A and C Kits

Dedicated and Tri-Fuel

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PLEASE NOTE: Type C Kits are Tri-fuel and do not require drilling of the carburetor. The gasoline carburetor is not effected. Again, no drilling of the gasoline carburetor is required for C kits. Only the A Kits are dedicated which require drilling the carburetor.

A & C Kits use exactly the same engine components as the 1 thru 4 Kits. The cost savings on the kit is mainly due to the different style engine regulator that is used in these kits which can be produced at a much lower cost. We are pleased to pass the savings on to you.

A & C Kits are designated for 12hp or less engines and use a different engine fuel delivery regulator than the Type 1 thru 4 kit. The carburetor area fuel delivery parts are actually the same for both styles. The price difference is not because they are inferior but because the kits include less components and so they cost less to produce. In fact these kits include a high quality regulator that most other companies are selling at our Type 1 thru 4 price.

A & C kits are not recommended for engines that have a standard throttle control. The engine regulator is not designed to provide fuel at idle speed which is around 800 rpm. For instance, engines that need to "actually idle" would be found on a riding lawn mower. These have a cable controlled fast-to-slow speed throttle. However, A & C Kits are perfect for generators since these have a governor controlled throttle mechanism that keeps the engine at 3600 rpm*. Do not be concerned if your generator has a switch labeled "automatic idle" or "economy idle" or similar that drops the speed when there is no load. This throttle speed control switch will still function the same as it does on gasoline but we highly recommend that you do not use this feature or use at least use it correctly so that you do not damage your equipment or appliances. If you would like to know more about this "gimmick" switch, use the Contact Us form for Tech Bulletin USC-TB44-041102 that provides the unbiased truth behind this "device".

The most common question we are asked is, "What is the difference between the A & C Kits and the Type 1 thru 4 Kits?"

The Type 1 thru 4 Kits utilize a heavy duty industrial type engine regulator with an internal idle circuit (this idle circuit which has an adjustable idle fuel screw is needed mostly for engines that have true throttle control like a pedal operated throttle or a lawn mower) and an additional vacuum safety shut-off device built right inside. Vacuum from the engine opens this lock-off to start the fuel to run and stop the fuel when the engine stops.

The A & C Kits come with a "zero governor" that acts as its own shut-off device. Think of the engine regulator as a glass of milk and the rubber hose from the regulator as a drinking straw. If you put a straw into a glass of milk, no milk will come out of the straw until you draw the milk up the straw. That is how the zero governor functions. When the engine is running and as air is passing through the carburetor or adapter, the fuel is drawn out of the regulator through the rubber hose. When the engine stops the gas stops. But as you will read below, the National Code states that this is acceptable for engines used out of doors and 12hp or less that do not have a distributor cap (which is basically all small engines). Over 12hp you have to use an additional lock-off device no matter what. If you have electric start on your engine you could add our RSK-LP to the A & C kits and then they would be acceptable up to 23hp. But for all engines all of our Type 1 thru 4 kits have the additional vacuum lock-off as a standard feature.

As you can see the A & C kits do not need additional vacuum lines and fittings so they are simpler to install than the Type 1 thru 4 kits. The same carburetor and adapter components are used in both the Type 1 thru 4 and A & C kits. The only difference is just the engine regulator that changes and the associated parts.

A Kits
C Kits

Click on the left picture to see what the average A kit includes and click on the right picture to see what the average C kits have.

A kits are dedicated low pressure propane and natural gas and require drilling the carburetor. The C Kits are Tri-Fuel that use an adapter installed between the carburetor and the air cleaner and do not require drilling the carburetor. All kits include a regulator with a push pin primer (purge pin) for purging and priming as a standard feature. No mounting bracket is needed for the regulator. It has two mounting lugs and will allow it to fit on just about any generator by drilling two 1/4" holes in the frame (as shown in the picture on the right). There are also two threaded holes underneath for bottom mounting (shown below on the left and center pictures). The engine regulator has a 3/4" FNPT, female fuel pipe inlet, mounting lugs and mounting hardware, fuel delivery parts for use at the carburetor, hose, clamps, and other fittings for compete operation (less hook-up hoses of course). Again, these kits are for up to 12hp engines that are considered attended and used completely, exclusively, outdoors.

New Briggs 10hp and 11hp Engine

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Click the picture to the far left picture to see the installation of a Type A kit on a Briggs Engine with elbow carburetor. Click the Center left to see the A Kit on the Yamaha EF5200DEX and click on the center right picture to see the A kit installation on a Yamaha EF6600DEX. Click on the far right picture to see the C kit on a Troy-Bilt 5550 Model 1919 (blue arrow points to the adapter installed in-between the air cleaner and the carburetor.

To order these kits, your application must meet the following national criteria:
NFPA 58 (1995 edition): [The regulator used in these kits can be] used for portable engines of 12 horsepower of less with magneto ignition and used exclusively outdoors shall be considered in compliance . . .[the regulator used in these kits] shall be considered as automatic shutoff valves only in the case of completely outdoor operations, such as farm tractors, construction equipment, or similar outdoor engine applications.

The kits are engine complete and do not have hookup hoses or connection lines For hook-up to portable cylinders, the use of an NPSK accessory is necessary. If connecting directly to a natural gas or low pressure propane line then a hook-up hose is necessary. Follow the links for prices and descriptions. These kits are not recommended for engines that have throttle control like on a lawnmower because they will work but may not keep running when the throttle is lowered to less than 900 rpm.

If there is a Yes link in the column a kit is available for your engine or generator and clicking on the link will automatically add that kit to your shopping cart. To add an NPSK accessory or hook-up hose choose "Continue Shopping" after the kit is added or use the links above.

We are still in the process of adding engine model numbers and generator brands and model numbers as we have time. If you do not see your 12hp or smaller engine on the list, please visit the GENERATOR or ENGINESsection first. If your generator or engine is listed there and a TYPE 1 or 3 kit is available for it AND THE ENGINE IS LESS THAN 13hp, you can order a Type A Kit. If your generator or engine is listed there and a TYPE 2 or TYPE 4 Kit is available, AND THE ENGINE IS LESS THAN 13HP, you can order a Type C Kit. If you still can not find your engine please email us and we will promptly let you know if yours is available in the Type A or C Style. Please specify if your interested in either dedicated or Tri-Fuel. There is a kit available for your unit if your engine or generator is listed in our Type 1 thru 4 kit list and has a YES link in the Type 3 or Type 4 column. Simply order a Type A kit to substitute for a Type 3 kit or order a Type C kit to replace a Type 4 kit. When checking out, our shopping cart will ask for your generator and/or engine model and you can type this information into the order form.

To order a Type A kit click here or visit the Kit List Page link above: A Kit

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Even though some generators operate at 1800 rpm like Onan's used in motor homes and newer inverter type generators have a computer controlled variable speed throttle that will adjust the RPM depending on the electrical AC load, the same principles apply.



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