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04582 Generac Guardian Ultra Source

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Only multi-fuel kits are available for this generator. There are many options available so please read all of the information regarding each type inorder to make Clicking on the Yes link will allow you that kit to your shopping cart.

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For those that have the Generac Model 04451 with the GN760 engine and the 2 barrel carburetor the following information is the same. If your engine has a one barrel carburetor refer back to the 04451 Generac Kits page.

The engine configuration for the Generac Guardian 04582 with the GN990 engine and the Generac Model 04451 with the GN760 engine with the 2 barrel carburetor is opposite of most other engines. The manifold is on the outside of the generator cage. When the adapter is installed between the carburetor and the air cleaner assembly the manifold is moved out 35mm. We have purchased and converted this unit in our shop and have updated the kits. Basically there are 2 options:

Adapter Type 2 and Type 4 Kit Installation:

The intake manifold must be unbolted and moved out 35mm to allow the 35mm (1.375") adapter (not shown) to be installed between the carburetor and the black plastic air cleaner assembly. To compensate for the thickness of the adapter, the use of 35mm spacers and longer manifold bolts are necessary. The oil dip stick needs to be rotated as well.


This is one of the two manifold flanges that must be moved out 35mm.


The brass bowl vent port shown between the two barrels is removed when the adapter is installed. The kit comes complete with the 35mm aluminum spacers, longer bolts and gaskets.


The unit performs very well and with full power on alternative fuel. However, on gasoline, no more than 9000 watts is possible without stumbling the throttle system. This engine has a motorized throttle that goes into a wide open conditon if a consistent 9000 watts is applied. Again, it achieves full power on alternative fuel.

This unit works really well with the RSK accessory and can easily be remote started.

Carburetor Modification for Propane and Natural Gas:
We have designed a bi-fuel (propane/gasoline) and tri-fuel (propane/natural gas/gasoline) kit utilizing the OEM carburetor. We machine 2 injector tubes into the carburetor and leave the gasoline system completely intact. The same carburetor is used by both alternative fuel and gasoline on the fly. Turn one on and the other off and vice versa. No spacers or modification of the control panel is necessary and the generator produces full power on all fuels.

To order these kits you have 3 options.

Place your order and a factory new carburetor and conversion kit will be sent. When you receive it, remove your existing gasoline carburetor and slip the new one and it will be ready to run. You can store your existing gasoline carburetor for future use.

Place your order first, then remove the "clean-brand new-never used" carburetor from your machine and send it to us. When we receive the unused carburetor and it passes inspection, a kit will be sent with a "factory new" modified carburetor ready to bolt back on and run.

Place your order first, then run the carburetor completely dry of gasoline. Remove the "used" carburetor from your machine and clean any build up of dirt or grease. Allow all gasoline vapors to dissipate. Also check with your shipper for any additional requirements for shipping. We will not modify a soiled carburetor. Send the carburetor to us and when we receive it and it passes visual inspection, it will be assigned to a technician for modification. When completed, the carburetor will be returned with the complete kit ready to bolt back on and run.


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